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2 April 2020 - 22 April 2020
Robotic & Aeronautic Tech. for solar & wind O&M

Welcome to

DURABLE Forums on Robotic & Aeronautic Tech. for solar & wind O&M

Inspiring plenary sessions and targeted 1:1 meetings promises knowledge gain and new technology providers.

The DURABLE CONSORTUIM, in cooperation with regional nodes of the EEN, have organized “Durable Forums on robotic and aeronautic technologies for solar and wind energy O& M activities ”, as framework of exchange demands and technology offers, for inspection and maintenance of solar and wind infrastructures.

Durable Foros have two main activities:

  • Technology Webinars: 3 webinars on latest robotics and aeronautic technologies will take place along April 2020. Contents will be the same in all of them, but the main language will be different in each one. Non-native speakers of the priority language in each one, will presents in English. Duration:1 hour
  • Virtual B2B meetings between technology providers of DURABLE consortium and assistants to the webinars to check real needs of wind and solar M&O sector.

Durable Project propose you to use one hour and twenty minutes of your time to
explore opportunities of improving your competitiveness using new

Topics addressed?

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems for O&M at solar and wind sector
  • Non-Distructing inspection technologies for O&M at solar and wind sector
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Automated composites repair technologies

    Why participate?

    • Know the state of the art of the  new aerospace and robotic technologies available to improve the productivity of the solar and wind infrastructures.
    • Propose specifics solutions for your O&M operations to experts, using these technologies.
    • To show your technology capabilities or services

    How can you benefit from this event?

    • Your needs will be taken into account for the improvement of the technologies presented using Durable´s funding.
    • Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to the participants
    • Arrange 1:1 meetings with technology providers to explain your needs and analise the potential use of the technologies

    The Top 5 objectives to make your stay a success:

    • Meet Partners and Customers
    • Discover New Products & Services
    • Prepare Purchases or Projects
    • Meet New Suppliers
    • Get Information about latest's trends

    Target groups:

    • SME on O&M at solar and wind sector
    • Other enterprises on O&M at solar and wind sector
    • Robotic and Aerospace Technology providers accross Europe (Universities, Research institutes, others...)

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